Dairy Bar

Kiwanis Dairy Bar, Circa 1959

The Kiwanis Dairy Bar in beautiful Victoria Park, Charlottetown, has been a well known and popular site during the summer months for the past 50 years. It was opened in 1955, primarily to help finance operating costs for the wading pool at the other end of the park. The wading pool which opened two years earlier was also built by Kiwanis and is still in use today, maintained and operated by the City Parks Department. Profits from the dairy bar now go toward various community projects, including enhancements to Victoria Park.

Kiwanis Dairy Bar, Today

The Dairy Bar is not only a convenient place for Park visitors to have refreshments, it has also provided summer employment for up to six students. Major renovations were completed in 1994 to make necessary structural improvements and to make the building and surrounding area more attractive. It was later the subject of a beautification award presented by the City of Charlottetown.