Kiwanis Community Connections

Kiwanis Community Connections

The Kiwanis Community Connections project is a monthly publication with profile advertising that helps readers get to know and connect with members of their community. Advertisers include; business owners, self-employed, professionals, employees, volunteers, etc. who provide a brief profile of their business, family, hobbies, pastimes, etc. Along with their profile, ad space will be available for sale. The dual format will appeal to either people who like to read or the visual people who like to scan publications. Emphasis will be on people who contribute to making lasting differences in the lives of children.

Profile advertising in the Kiwanis Community Connections offers a low-cost way for advertisers and service providers to become better known in their community. Along with profiles of business owners, self-employed and professionals, included will be profiles of volunteers, first responders, emergency service personnel, health care workers, employees, etc. Islanders will get to know their neighbors who make a positive impact in communities.

With new monthly issues printed, a familiarity is established thereby increasing trust and confidence when community members are seeking products or services. Information on the Kiwanis Club will be included with the intention of raising awareness of our role in the community, and the service work we do.

The KCC can easily be placed in waiting rooms, hotel inserts, restaurants, information centers, etc. To offer variety; a mix of brain-teasers, puzzles, jokes and local events can be inserted. We will make an index of favorite quotes, concepts or ideas from each client.

Prepared to launch in July 2018, the KCC will begin to sell profile space and seek community members to profile in the monthly newsletter. Initially, advertisers are expected to be residents of Queen’s County, with sections for the remainder of PEI to expand later in 2018.

What is the KCC project?