In 1995 a joint acquisition of Bingo Country by the Kiwanis Club of Charlottetown and the Island Shrine Club turned out to be a very positive development for both clubs and for the charities which ultimately benefit. Since 2017 Kiwanis are the sole owners of Bingo Country.

Kiwanis Bingo Country is open to everyone over the age of 12 (minors must be accompanied by an adult). The only exception is our Hotballs game, which is 19+. No previous experience needed as our staff can guide new players along.


12-up booklet is $24 6-up booklet is $12 3-up booklet is $6 Booklets include all regular games, special games, and the final full card game.


Regular games are $75 and $100 Special games are $200 and $300 Final full card is $500 

Game Details:

– Bring your own BINGO dabbers, or purchase them at our canteen. – Regular games: “2 lines” and “2 lines or 1 line plus the 4 corners.” – Special games: “3 lines,” “letter x or around the free,” and “postage stamps.” – Each games lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes. We play a total of 22 games. – Bingo is usually finished around 9:45pm (4:45pm on Sundays).

Did You Know:

– Our on-site canteen sells food and drinks! We have a variety of pop, juice, chips, bars, hotdogs, and pizza. – We have a new promotion every month with many ways to win, including draws for prizes and Bingo Bucks. – There’s a BINGO Birthday Special! On your birthday, you will receive a free dabber and $20 Bingo Bucks for your next visit! – You can call our 24-hour Bingo Hotline for jackpot information: 902-892-4646.

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Kiwanis Club of Charlottetown
P.O. Box 1806
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island  C1A 7N5